The Department of Electronics and Applied Physics was launched as a new department in 2005 after the Dept. of Advanced Applied Electronics and Dept. of Information Processing were reorganized.

The mission of newly reborn Department of Electronics and Applied Physics is to create the technological infrastructure for next-generation electronics as well as to train researchers and engineers to propel these new fields of technology in the future. Today's electronic and photonic devices consist first and foremost of hardware and software, and it is also clear that the link between hardware and software is continuing to increase in importance. At the same time, technology is becoming more fragmented and specialized, and this tends to make it difficult to acquire a view of the whole. The Dept. of Electronics and Applied Physics has a system of programs that makes it possible to train talented individuals who are able to tackle new electronics by integration of fieleds such as material science and engineering, electronic devices and integrated systems, photonic devices and communication systems, nanoscience and nanotechnology, etc. Education programs on information technology provided by Dept. of Information Processing are strongly recommended for students of Dept. of Electronics and Applied Physics to acquire the basis of software as well as hardware.

Whether students are assigned to one of the core program laboratories or assigned to one of the joint program laboratories, they are able to acquire the necessary abilities through research on cutting-edge topics under the same conditions. In some sense, the education and research of this department covers an extremely diverse array of areas. The mission of this department is realized when students advance their studies while integrating the wisdom of each of the programs and laboratories.